Monday, January 24, 2011

yum. yum.vintage.

I fed my vintage Pyrex obsession today with some thrifting fun! I love the feeling of hunting for treasure! and I found some for sure! Check these babies out...

Love. love. love. They were about 80 cents each... all the more wonderful! I had a class get cancelled today so I took the extra hour in my day to go do some thrifting, and it paid off! I had some good Elyse time as well, which was very nice :)

Also, I wanted to show you the big collection of felted phone cozies that I had at one point in time! Since this photo was taken I have sold and given away a lot of these, but plan on making duplicates because some of them were just too stinkin cute! What do you think, which ones are your favorites? Mine is the peace sign one, who I delightfully gave to my darling Danielle.

Hope you all survived your Monday! See you again soon!

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