Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome to Heart Felt... The Blog!

Some of you may know me better as Handmade by Elyse. And while Handmade by Elyse did serve we very well for a good couple of years, I felt that my little handmade business identity was in need of some transformation. I consider myself a fiber artist with my fiber of choice usually being wool. I have been almost constantly knitting since mt Grandma taught me when I was 15, I have been doing knitted felting for a few years now in hopes of being somewhat as good as my aunt who taught me how (Not quite there yet I'm sure!) and while I was recently living in Germany I learned the wonderful art of wet felting. I knit with almost any kind of fiber, unless felting is in mind.... which, to be honest, almost always is!

I do have a new Etsy shop that is almost ready to be opened! You can be looking for that at the end of February! And I also have hopes of teaching some felting classes here in Springfield sometime in the near future! Now, along with my emphasis on felting, I will still be making and selling my handmade jewelry (Some with a new twist!!) as well as my handmade soaps (also with a new twist!!). But now, without further adieu.... Here are some photos of what you can be looking forward to with the all new Heart Felt- Handmade Accessories!

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