Monday, March 7, 2011

Napa Love

Hello from the Napa Valley! It's Spring Break for me so we made the trek from IL to CA to spend the week with my wonderful Fam. We started the week off right with an amazing Napa yuppie afternoon which made me a very happy gal :-)

Ryan, my mom, and my grandma and I all met for lunch at the Napa General Store (my fave) and then stopped by Sweetie Pies for coffee and tea.

Then Ryan and I went on the river walk down a ways to go to my all time favorite store Betty's Girl <3 Kim at Betty's Girl has been a long time friend and provider of all things vintage for me for sooo many years. Her little vintage boutique just changed locations so we had to stop by and check out the new place! Kim provided me with almost all of my wardrobe while I was living in Napa since I was about 16- All school dances and my Prom were vintage dresses from there, as well as wedding attire. Love. her. so. much.

I just got a little goodie from her today- a 1940's silk scarf (I want fun things to wear on my head) and it is so beautiful!

So that has been my day so far :-) we're having a dinner party tonight with some more family (the party never end while we're home in CA it seems like). And then tomorrow we're going to my most favorite city in the whole world (and I have been to some freakishly awesome cities...) San Francisco!!!! And what's even better about this trip to the City is that my brother in law just moved there so we get to hang out with him and then bring him back to Napa with us :) Love love love <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finished Rocks

Here are the finished products of my rock felting adventures the other night :) When I was making them my sister in law and her friend were over and took one look at me and said, ".... what are you doing...?" Haha, and it doesn't help when my answer was "ummm, putting wool over some rocks from the backyard. Pretty cool, huh?" 

The thing is, These things are super sweet. They feel soooo good sitting in your hand and they have this weird captivation about them. I just love the idea of taking something ordinary and recreating it, all without even really changing it's identity. It's a felted rock... that still looks like a rock. It's not like I'm felting a rock to make it look like and animal or something, it's still a rock! I think it's pretty cool. They also look really nice as decor for your home, would make for great conversational pieces.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Felted Rocks- How to

 1. Gather some rocks

 2. Wrap the wool around the rock leaving no holes

 3. Add some decorative lines to give the rock some veins.

 4. Place the rock wrapped in wool in a cut off hose foot (to keep the wool in tact during the beginning phases of felting) and use your hot water and soap to felt away!

 5. Once felted, enjoy your crazy cool felted rock!

I made a bunch of these this evening :) I'll post photos of the finished product tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes, even on your ears!

That's right people... Felt makes for lovely earring designs as well! Check out these crazy awesome swirl bead felt earrings I wore today! I think one of my dear Jena friends felted these actually <3