Friday, April 29, 2011

Craft Fair this Saturday!

I'm setting up shop this weekend at this craft fair! Hope to see you there!!!!!


  1. Hope it goes well! Good luck!!! :)

  2. Hi Elyse,

    Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. I know your life is really busy right now--but I just want you to know (speaking from someone who was taking 19 credit hours and working 13 hours a week)that you WILL make it through. My dad used to tell me during rough times,"This too shall pass". I really like that. Hope that helps you, as well.

    Also, I know you're thinking of working at Food Fantasies (which would be great), but have you considered doing organic farm work? I know of a local organic farm in Rochester that's amazing. Farm life is the best.I worked 3 summers at an organic farm in Kentucky of all places and it for sure changed my life. Maybe you'd want to check it out? I bet you would get a lot of amazing produce, not to mention education!

    about them:

    I could only find a phone number to reach him:

    Todd Vincent (Vincent Family Farm)

    Anyway, take it or leave it. I just wanted to give you a little more information.

    "Finish Strong" as one of my friends told me last year when I was struggling to do things well. Love you!

  3. amazing... I just found their email and contacted them!

    Thanks for the encouragement dear friend!