Saturday, September 17, 2011


What I did on this fine Saturday:

Slept in late! (10:00 woohoo!)
vacuumed (believe me, this is quite a miracle. And it gets better..)
Mopped the kitchen!
cleaned all the counter tops with heavy duty cleaner because of our mouse in residence...
Made German Brötchen yummmm. (Rolls)
Ate said Brötchen with turkey and salami... amazing.
Had a go at Brucie's unintentional dreadlocks
Gave the little rat dog a bath
bought some freaking awesome goodies online with a gift card! woohoo!
Watched a ton of Law and Order, yusssss
Made a kick ass dinner for me and my darling Hubs
Also.... made baked donuts! amazing.
And after all this... I have a completely clean kitchen and a sleepy puppy by my side while I watch some random movie on Netflix :-) Annddddd..... the best part is that- I NEVER CHANGED OUT OF MY PJ's!!!! looooove Saturdays!

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