Thursday, August 4, 2011


I know I know I know..... I haven't posted in a verrrryyyyyyyyyy...breath....yyyyyyyyy long time. So super sorry about that! So instead of going on and on and on about everything that has been going on in my life these last couple months, I'll just post one (errrr ok, maybe a couple more than just one...) pic and a blurb out each thing, Sound okay to you?? okay, here we go!

1. The BAD (Belgium, Austria, Deutschland) Trip!!!! This was such an amazing experience for Ryan and I! We got to lead a bunch of awesome people all around these three countries and got to meet and talk to so many different missionaries and Christians from these different areas! There is soooooo much I could say about this... BUT we must move on.

A little shout out to my BAD peeps.... move poop in barn!

The Whole BAD Team (without me... the photographer)

Vienna, Austria *sigghhhh*

2. My wonderful friends Lindsey and Adam got married!!! And it was the most unique/ awesome wedding I have EVER experienced! Love you both too much <3 

Credit: Samantha Lynn Photography

3. We got a..... PUPPYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Bruce (the best and cutest dog in the whole world). He's a Yorkshire Terrier and is at the moment about 15 weeks old.

The Day We Got Him (July 5, 2011)

After going semi swimming for the first time! 

4. The DAY after we got Bruce, our water got turned off in out apartment because of our crazy landlords who are foreclosing on the house and are no longer paying for things such as water I guess. Well, it really is a big huge long story, but I wont get into all of that now. Basically we lived for almost 48 hours without water until we finally went and payed for it (not our job!!!) to get turned back on. That was.... fun.

5. Job issues constantly prevail in my life right now..... yuck.

6. We found another place to live and we move in the end of August! Wooo hoooo!!!!!

7. Felting soaps left and right!

Well, That's all I can really think of at the moment. I mean, there is sooooo much I'm leaving out but I think those were some of the big things. I promise I will do a better job at keeping up with this again. Love and peace to you all!


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