Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Evening Felt Fun

I used a different felting technique with my felted balls this evening. Instead of using a lot of my merino roving on the balls, I found some old wool yarn scarps and rolled them into mini skeins. After I made all the yarn balls I covered them with a thin layer of wool roving and put them into a stocking. I sectioned off each ball and then tossed them into the washing machine with a pair of pants (for agitation) on a hot/cold wash.

After a little while I got the stockings out of the wash and let them tumble in the dryer for a few minutes for a little more agitation and drying. I cut off each of the ties and took out my LOVELY felted balls! This is for sure my new preferred method. Because, honestly, rolling all those felt balls by hand really hurts after a while!

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