Sunday, July 7, 2013


I have amazing friends. One of my really amazing friends just launched her new website, Surrender Birth Services. Abby Schweitzer is a wife, mama, doula, photographer, childbirth educator and an amazing woman all around. She has a passion for supporting women and mamas. She knows her stuff!

Surrender Birth Services is all about empowerment and surrendering everything to God. When pregnant, delivering, and mothering, we surrender all to Him. Our bodies, our fears, our control... our sleep! Abby is dedicated to helping women and families with that process so that we can embrace the unknown, not in fear, but empowered by God's strength and faithfulness!

Abby and I met in college when we were both living on the same floor of the gals dorm at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, Illinois. Though she only lived on campus for a semester (is that right, Abby?!) we hit it off and have been friends ever since! She has been such a encouragement and blessing to me over the years. Both of us got married around the same time and are now both mamas (some years later.... it's taking me a while to catch up heehee). I have called on Abby's expertise and knowledge countless times throughout my pregnancy and mommyhood, and she has always been there for me with support and love. I would consider anyone who gets to take advantage of her services, totally lucky! She's located in the Mesa, Arizona area (booooooo, move to Germany with me!) and will be starting up her Christian Childbirth Education classes very soon!

But even more than the amazing services that she's able to offer her local peeps, she has an AMAZING blog section on her website devoted to empowering and educating women and mamas! Her blog is full of birth stories, info and experiences. She's asked numerous knowledgeable mamas to be guest bloggers on their topic of passion, so you can be sure the amazing posts will just keep rolling in! Please be sure to go check out her site and blog!  You can even catch my birth story on her blog! And I will also be contributing another blog post in the near future.

I urge you to go take a look at her website and see what Surrender Birth Services has to offer! Go read some amazing stories! Ask Abby some questions, she would love to hear from you!

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